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Winter Bike Fitting

This is the time of year many cyclists take to the indoor turbo trainer or rollers in order to avoid the cold, wind and rain.

Other advantages of indoor cycling are the ability to make the sessions very focussed and specific to your training needs. What it does also mean however is that more time can be spent in fixed positions on the bike without any natural breaks in pedalling or position, making bike fit arguably even more important during these months.

Avoid injury or remedy any niggles early in the winter and this will stand you in good stead for next season.

Our bike fit service includes an off bike physical examination and slow motion analysis of your cycling position and pedal stroke using Dartfish motion analysis software.

Changes to your set up can be made, and exercises prescribed to help any problems. The winter also offers time to work on strength and conditioning to improve power, endurance and position on the bike.

All of this can be addressed in the clinic if required. Phil is our bike fit physiotherapist and would be happy to discuss your individual needs. If you would like to arrange a time for Phil to call,ring the reception desk and we can arrange it for you. 020 8542 7788.