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What spurs Antonia in treating Headache sufferers.

Having been a headache sufferer for many years and knowing how debilitating they can be, I decided to research the types and causes of headaches in detail and how they can be treated. I knew that my headaches were due to a traumatic incident where my neck was injured in my early 20’s, but many people suffer for no apparent reason.

Being a physiotherapist, I had quite an in-depth knowledge on the anatomy of the neck, but It was still such a mine field, pages and pages of information, on a huge variety of headaches ranging from migraines to tension headaches to cervicogenic headaches.  I decided, having researched the headache topic, that I wanted to see if I was able to help sufferers with physiotherapy.

Dean Watson, an Australian physiotherapist, is an expert in the treatment of headaches. As well as performing my own reading around the topic I attended a post graduate course tutored by Mr Watson, to learn the techniques that he uses with what appears to be great success.

The treatment techniques that I use may feel uncomfortable but are very gentle. Many people feel the benefit within one or two sessions, and overall the results that I have had, treating many patients who suffer, has been outstanding.

Some patients who have attended my sessions have been surprised to find that “hands on” therapy can be of such benefit. Many have been able to reduce the medication they were taking before seeing me.

There is nothing more satisfying for me as a fellow sufferer to be able to provide some relief for my patients for what can be such an isolating condition.