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Thinking about Sunshiny Days, Sports and Exercise?

The glimpses of sunshine in these February days makes us think of being outdoors, getting back to sport, training and looking after ourselves.

We want to get out on our bikes, start training for an event or just be able to participate in different kinds of sports especially in the warmer months of the year.

Sports Massage therapy is a great way to help you get, and keep in shape, whether it’s for;


Usually four days before the event you would have a very good deep tissue massage. This gives ample time to get over the heavy legs that can be felt after a massage. You could have a gentle sports massage up until before the event, which can help aid circulation into the muscles, improved length and flexibility, and help with preparing for the event.

Post Event.

The best time to have a massage is as soon as possible after your hardest session of the week or an event you take part in, ideally on the same day, as any overuse condition is likely to tighten up more overnight, but within the first 48 hours is beneficial. This massage is normally lighter, gentler and works on flushing out waste toxins by again aiding circulation, reducing delayed onset of muscle soreness and aiding recovery. 

Maintaining fitness.

Maintenance sports massages are highly recommended to anyone participating in moderate to intense exercise on a regular basis. When to schedule regular massages is different from one person to the next and how regular depends on how much you are training, intensity, and previous history.

We run a very busy sports massage service here at the clinic with Yong, Fran and Emily offering appointments every day and Saturday mornings too.

We have a range of appointments to choose from

  • Initial Assessment up to one hour £55.00
  • Follow up 30 Minutes £35.00
  • Follow up 60 minutes £70.00
  • Course of 5 x 30 minutes £150.00
  • Course of 10 x 30 minutes £250.00

We currently have a promotional code you can use to qualify for a 20% discount on your Initial Sports Massage Appointment if you go to the sports massage page on our website at

Just quote the code when you call to book or add it onto the notes if are booking online.