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Post Marathon Recovery Sports Massage

Sports massage and enhanced recovery after the marathon

Congratulations!! You have completed all your training and are more than ready to take part in the London Marathon this month.

Have you been one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had any niggles during your training or have you been having soft tissue massage and physiotherapy just to get you through to be able to complete such a great achievement?  We know how hard it is to train for a marathon and we also know how important it is to give your body the best recovery to be able to go out and do another 3 runs that same week and prevent injury from occurring. Why not enhance your recovery after the big event and continue to look after your body by having a sports massage after the marathon.

Sports massage contributes to soft tissue recovery from intense athletic activity. Intense training or a one off sporting event, such as running 26.2 miles on a warm spring day in April, causes prolonged elevation of muscle tone in both resting and contractile muscles which can be perceived as tight sore muscles. Abnormal tone may impair the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells which slows the removal of metabolites (bad toxins) in the body.

Soft tissue massage works by reducing excessive post exercise muscle tone, increasing range of movement in stiff muscles, increasing circulation and nutrition to damaged tissue whilst deactivating symptomatic trigger points.  A sports massage usually consists of hard firm pressure, however a post event sports massage will consist of a lighter more moderate pressure but firm enough to help flush out all the build-up of toxins, increase blood  flow, nutrients and oxygen to the area without going to deep into an already sore and painful muscle.

When to have a sports massage?? Directly after the race or a few days later?? Why not both! Many charities at the London Marathon offer sports massages directly after the race, this will not replace your cool down but will enhance the start of your recovery period with a very gentle flush of your legs.  Why not contact the charity that you are raising money for and they will be able to let you know if this is something they offer.

Have you heard of DOM’s?? Delayed onset of muscle soreness? This can occur 24-48 hours after your event rather than during or immediately after. So it is also a good idea to get a sports massage booked in for a few days after your race, especially if you have had to go straight back to work and sit down in an office all day!

Not only does sports massage have physiological benefits but psychological too! Sports massage has shown to cause a reduction in anxiety, improvement in mood state which can also lead to relaxation, enhancing your recovery to the max.

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