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Gambling Addiction in children

Research has shown that the number of young people struggling with gambling addiction has quadrupled in the last 2 years.

This has been recognised by the NHS by opening its first gambling clinic in Leeds, with more to come across the UK.

The NHS chief executive stated the link between online gambling, stress, depression and mental health problems are on the rise

According to the Gambling Commission almost 55,000 children in the UK are now classed as having a gambling problem. Children aged 14-16 are spending up to £16 a week on gambling, scratch cards, fruit/slot machines or playing cards for money with friends.

The gambling industry spends approximately 1.5 billion pounds on advertising, a lot of it through social media sites and online gaming. Such exposure to children while they are on computers/ gaming devices can be worrying.

As a provider of healthcare, we emphasise the importance of young children being active, being outdoors, and interacting with others through games, training and sports.

Take advantage of the summer months and encourage the children you know to be active outdoors, and steer them in the right direction, away from the gaming world and out into the real world!