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A little Insight into Adela and her motivation

As we all know, the toils of everyday life can all too often get in the way of us keeping track of where our bodies and minds are heading and 'getting in the way' of looking after ourselves as we would like to.

I have also come to realise that when you start to hit 'a certain age' you take a slightly different look at yourself, your nutrition and your life goals as well as recognising the inevitable changes that may start to happen to our bodies and the shift in our mindset.

I found that as my children got slightly older, they needed me in a different way which allowed some time to enable me to be more consistent with my exercise input. Two years ago, I decided to make a change and took myself off to the park for a short jog and surprised myself, I managed to run three times round! I have not looked back from that point, gradually building up to 5K runs and then deciding to push myself to a 10 K race which I completed and got the medal to prove it!

This then inspired me further to have a closer look at strength and conditioning, running biomechanics, functional training, TRX and HIIT Pilates for a more rounded approach.

I went on numerous courses to gain new skills and ideas and to consolidate my knowledge which I found very beneficial to help me enable my patients to return to sport either from an injury or a break in continuity of exercise for whatever reason, and to be the best they can be by staying safe, strong, healthy and injury free.