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Christmas Indulgence

Most of us look forward to the Christmas festivities with the lovely food,drinks, and luxuries we allow ourselves.

Will you over indulge?

Take a look at how much work it takes to burn off those festive treats.

  • A Mince Pie takes a 30 – 45 minutes workout like jogging for 45 minutes
  • A single serving of Christmas pudding takes 45 – 90 minutes like a 60-minute indoor spin class
  • Christmas turkey dinner takes 2-5 hours like a 2-hour half marathon.

Now we are not suggesting you abstain from the joys of Christmas eating, here a few alternatives that will satisfy your taste buds just as much (maybe)!

  • 6 squares of dark chocolate have half the calories. If you must have a mince pie, at least avoid the added cream!  
  • Jelly embedded with fruit. Not a traditional dish but easy to get away with serving at buffets and Xmas parties!
  • Avoid high fat foods such as roast potatoes, bacon wrapped sausages and bread sauce, and replace with alternatives such as boiled potatoes, turkey meat and gravy made from granules. 
  • Mulled wine has great benefits it has lots of antioxidants, stick to 1 0r 2 as it still contains sugar.

Check out websites like to give you some ideas on how to have a more healthy option at Christmas

Or like me you can just let your hair down and enjoy your time with whoever you are sharing your Christmas with and get right back on track with your healthy eating and exercise regime in January.

Whatever you decide all of us here at Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic wish you all a very Merry Christmas