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Bike Fit

Want to improve your Cycling efficiency and comfort? You can with our expert Cycling Assessment Service.

If you want to maximise competitive performance, or simply reduce the risk of pain when cycling, then our Cycling Assessment Service is for you.

Our Cycling Assessment Service is an expert assessment conducted by a qualified physiotherapist, specialising in cycling injuries, in order to determine the most suitable body position and bike adjustment.

The service aims to cater for all types of cyclist, whether the discipline is road cycling, mountain biking, commuting, or cycling as a means of rehabilitation after injury. The service also aims to be adaptable and customised to individual need. This ethos reflects the numerous forms and disciplines of cycling.

So why should you approach our expert physiotherapist specifically for a Cycling Assessment?

Expert Assessment

We screen your body prior to looking at your cycling position including:

  • Taking a detailed medical history.
  • A tailored physical examination depending on any specific injuries or pain you experience when cycling.

Dynamic analysis

  • We complete a dynamic analysis whilst you cycle your bike on our stationary turbo trainer.
  • Using a slow motion replay of you cycling gives us a better reflection of your cycling position and lower limb alignment compared to a static analysis.

Cycle fitting

  • After consideration of your physical examination and the riding position you currently have, alterations can be made to your bike and also the way in which you ride it, depending on the type of bike that you own, cycling style and goals.
  • Alterations to your bike may include adjustments to your saddle position, handle bar/aero bars positioning and cleat alignment.


  • Home exercises may be advised for you to work on your flexibility or strength.
  • We may advise to replace smaller components on your bike such as your saddle or stem but we will take every effort to work with what you currently have.

What makes our Cycling Assessment Service so useful to you as a leisure cyclist or competitive cyclist is that it helps you

  • Improve your efficiency, reduce fatigue and make you faster.
  • Reduce the risk of developing pain or injury whilst on the bike.
  • Increase your comfort and enjoyment whilst cycling.

For more information click here to download the Cycling Assessment PDF.

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