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Andy Murray – highlighting the importance of Hydrotherapy as part of post-surgical rehabilitation

If you have seen Andy Murray’s new film “resurfacing”, you will see that he uses hydrotherapy as an integral part of his recovery from hip surgery. At Wimbledon Physio and Sports Injuries Clinic we also value the importance of Hydrotherapy, especially for our post-surgical patients, which is why we include it as part of our treatment for these groups. We are incredibly lucky to have our sister company ‘Aqua Physio’ which we use for our hydrotherapy, and, our new rehab pathways are laid out to maximise the benefits of the water at the most important times during a patients recovery.  As water provides buoyancy and therefore reduces the load on the limb, by using the properties of water our patients are able to get moving quicker in the early stages after surgery thereby kick-starting their rehabilitation faster than with land physio alone. This prevents the loss of muscle mass which occurs after only a few days of inactivity. It also enables our patients to maintain their fitness whilst injured. Water can also be used further down the line of recovery as it provides resistance to exercise and forces the patient to work harder.