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5 pieces of equipment to help you sit up straight

Posture is important, not only for spinal health and to prevent injuries or aches and pains, but also for how you present yourself. Here are 5 pieces of equipment that can help you learn to sit up straight and not slouch.


This works by providing lumbar support (lower back) thereby helping to correct your sitting position. Buy it online here:


The taping encourages you to sit up straight by providing proprioceptive feedback, where as you start to slouch, the tape tightens, and that prompts you to sit back straight. Overtime may help aid healthier muscle memory.

Lumo lift:

Like an activity tracker, Lumolift is a posture tracker. You clip the small device on to your shirt and as you start to slouch it sends subtle vibrations to the device prompting you to sit up straight. You can also track your progress on your mobile

Laptop stand or standing desk:

These prevent you from looking down and putting strain on your cervical spine when working on a laptop or computer. There are many on the market. Here is one option:

Sitfit cushion:

This device requires active sitting, which gets your back muscles, abdominals and pelvic floor all working.


Download our pdf for optimal desk posture.