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CASE STUDY: Post-Partum Low Back Pain

Mrs L a 32 year old lady started noticing pain in the right side of her low back during the last month of her pregnancy. She reported her pain to be worse when sitting, walking and going upstairs.

A thorough examination showed that she had pain on both bending forwards and backwards and abnormal movement at the right sacroiliac joint. She had very weak muscle contraction around her low back and pelvis. On questioning it was noted that she was feeding her baby in a poor position.

Treatment consisted of mobilisations to the lumbar spine and pelvic area along with some soft tissue work. She was taught a series of exercises including strengthening for the muscles around her low back and pelvis. Mrs L was also given some general advice regarding lifting and posture and taught the correct position to feed her baby in.

At the end of her treatment Mrs L reported a vast reduction in her pain and that she generally felt much more confident with her back. She had improving muscle control around her back and was encouraged to continue with her exercises on a regular basis.

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