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CASE STUDY: Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Mrs Y, a 55 year old nurse attended the clinic 3 days after arthroscopic knee surgery which had been completed due to a degenerative meniscal tear. She reported a sudden onset of knee pain one evening after a game of tennis earlier in the day. After assessment by a local orthopaedic consultant surgeon she was sent for an MRI scan which confirmed a large meniscal tear and surgery was recommended

Mrs Y was assessed thoroughly and initial physiotherapy treatment centred on gentle exercises to help with management of post-operative swelling, knee range of motion and gait re-education. Mrs Y was using an elbow crutch to reduce pressure on her knee whilst walking outdoors at this stage and advice was given as to how best wean herself from this.

As the swelling reduced and knee range of motion returned Mrs Y discarded the elbow crutch as her gait normalised.

Subsequent sessions concentrated on knee strengthening and balance exercises as well as stretching and soft tissue massage. Mrs Y successfully returned to part time work 3 weeks after surgery and then after some sports specific exercises returned to playing tennis 9 weeks later.

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