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Rehab Gym

At Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic, we believe that rehabilitation is an essential part of treatment and aids in the prevention of reoccurrences.

Rehabilitation is not just aimed at our sporting clientele, although the goals we set are essentially the same: a return to the individual’s functional requirements. At the end of the initial assessment, goals, both short term and long term, will be set with you.  

Rehabilitation normally starts with very specific stretches and mobilisations to increase range of movement. This is followed by more specific strength resistance work to end stage advanced return to sport / functional activity co-ordination and balance (proprioceptive work).

If your rehabilitation program requires gym equipment then we have:

  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Fitter
  • Wobble boards
  • Gym balls
  • Hand weights, mats, foam rollers
  • The BIODEX Balance System
Rehab Gym
Rehab Gym
Rehab Gym

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    Breast Cancer Awareness

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    Rib Cage Injury and Pain.

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