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New Equipment for the gym.

The glider is a low impact, effective tool to help you reduce your aches and pains. They are thin discs shaped like paper plates that you can use to exercise.

The name gives you a clue as to how it works;

The circular mats glide along the floor using your hands or your feet, and as the hands or feet do not leave the floor the overall impact of your workout is reduced. This may reduce any pain that comes with high-impact exercises.

The exercises are easy to do but still provide a total all over body workout engaging the muscles, including the core, through their full range of movement. The long graceful movements are also a good way to improve flexibility.

Here are a couple of examples of how the gliders can be used;

With the gliding discs under your feet you can smoothly slide into a lunge position working your lower limb muscles and core abdominal muscles.

For strengthening your upper body place your hands on the discs and slide them apart as you slowly drop your chest to the floor. Bring the discs back together again to return to the starting position. This works your chest muscles along with your upper limbs.

Because of the low impact, this piece of equipment can be ideal for people returning to exercise after an injury.